Catherine JonesEverybody can have a great personal image that reflects their personality and doesn't cost a fortune. It's just a question of finding which colours harmonise with your natural colouring, which clothes suit your body shape, which hairstyle suits your face shape and how to apply makeup effectively to enhance your features. The advice you are given at a consultation with me at CJ Personal Image and the confidence you will gain when you know how great you look is often life-changing.

I have always loved clothes and fashion. I first had my colours done 35 years ago and I was a deep. Over the years, of course, as my hair has changed colour and my skin tone has altered, I have changed from a deep to a cool - from Catherine Zeta Jones to Judi Dench! But that session made quite an impression on me and when friends and family members have experienced a crisis in their lives I have treated them to have their colours done. I have seen the power it has to restore confidence in how they look and feel.

I was a teacher for 26 years and for most of my career I taught children with special educational needs for which a great deal of creativity is required. During my eight years as Deputy Head I also studied for a degree with the Open University and graduated with a BA (Hons). I specialised in psychology hoping to become an educational psychologist. However, I decided that I preferred the life of a school to that of a peripatetic educationalist.

When I retired from teaching I still had plenty of vitality and enthusiasm and was keen to develop my creative side. So I seized the opportunity to train as a stylist with Colour me Beautiful. This is now my new career and I love it.’

As well as seeing individual clients I run courses for the University of the Third Age (U3A). These are 6 week courses and cover all aspects of personal image; colour, style, body shape, makeup, wardrobe weeding, scarf tying and shopping. To date I have run 27 of these courses.

As well as all this work I still find time to do plenty of exercise to keep me fit. I walk regularly with Stockport Walkers and I swim, do pilates and yoga. I have 2 children. My son has a cobbler's shop on the Glossop High Street and my daughter is a clinical psychologist. I have five wonderful grandchildren. 
For almost 8 years I have been a volunteer at Christie Hospital. I have been running a colour workshop for cancer patients once a month in the Maggie's Centre. It lasts two hours and is free. Sadly, since Covid I have been unable to attend the Centre. Also, Robin is the new Head of Centre and has other ideas for activities. I miss it very much.

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