Colour Workshops

I have been  a volunteer at Christies for nearly 8  years  and run monthly workshops for patients with cancer.

Women of all ages attend these workshops in an attempt to restore their confidence in how they look. Having cancer takes a tremendous toll on the body. Some women tell me they no longer recognise themselves. They may have put on weight or lost their hair or eyebrows, and their skin may appear sallow through fatigue, drugs and operations.

Joining in with one of these groups, which average 10 people, provides women with an opportunity to see a great improvement in how they look by wearing the right colours. The reaction from other group members when they see the transformation in the face of a woman who is wearing a colour which suits her can be very therapeutic.

Every woman is draped with a selection of colours to suit her dominant colouring. Also, I will choose a shade of scarf to suit each woman's colouring and show her how to tie it in a flattering way.

If you would like to attend one of these sessions contact Sinead Collins at 0161 641 4848.

The sessions are free.

These sessions are now run in the wonderful Maggie's Centre which is at the end of the road opposite Christie's main entrance. It is a purpose built building for the benefit of all cancer patients and their families. It doesn't resemble a hospital but is more like a hotel with the volunteers offering tea, coffee, cakes, a chat or just a chance to chill and enjoy the peace and comfort, both inside the building and in the gardens. 

It is a calm, tranquil, friendly environment where you will be most welcome. It is a chance to meet other people or simply to sit quietly with a cup of tea. Simply pop in whenever you want for as long as you want.

I am devastated to report that since Covid I have been unable to continue with these workshops.  

The centre Head is now Robin Muir and he has different ideas about what should take place during the day and my Colour Workshops are not included.