Make-up lesson

Are you stuck in a time warp wearing the same make-up as 20 years ago? Perhaps you never learned how to apply it correctly so lack the confidence to wear it. Do you keep buying products such as lipsticks or foundation, which are never quite the colour you want them to be?
Woman with lipbrush
Are you feeling plain and insignificant?

Is there a special occasion looming when you want to feel confident about your looks?

Do you even know what a neutral skin adjuster does for the red veins and marks on your face? I will tell you. It hides them and provides a smooth base for your foundation.

Never tried cream blusher? It is easy to apply and gives a warm glow.

I will show you how to care for your skin and how to apply make-up using colours that suit your colouring. You will do it with me and we will go over it until you are happy that you can do it yourself.

Bring your make-up bag along and we will go through it together to see what works and what needs to go.

Duration 1 hour. Includes a makeup prescription card to suit your individial colouring.
Cost £35