Style Consultation

To look your best you should aim to wear clothes that:

  • Complement your colouring and your body line
  • Reflect your personality
  • Are appropriate for your age and for the occasion
  • Are current

There are a number of reasons why people tell me they have come for a style consultation. Some have successfully lost weight and are excited about wearing clothes that fit and that are fashionable, or a special Style consultationbirthday looms and they are determined to make some changes to their life which may involve developing greater confidence in how they look.

Maybe a recent divorce has shattered their confidence but now they are ready to embrace the world again and want advice on what to wear and how to wear it or they have retired and face a completely different way of life which does not involve a dress code or uniforms of any kind. They keep buying clothes but never feel they look good in them and they want to know why. Whatever their reason I can help them look better.

Everybody seems to have something in their wardrobe which they bought but don't wear. Perhaps they occasionally put it on then take it off again because it doesn't look quite right. I will ask them to bring it along, together with a couple of other items of clothing that they really feel good in. By the end of the session they will know why their 'mistakes' don't work and will be able to avoid making them in the future thus saving time and money. The key to looking great starts here.

You will discover your style personality and I will give you advice about where to shop to suit your personality, lifestyle and budget.

Duration 2 hours. Includes a Colour Me Beautiful book, along with information on the latest styles for the season, where to shop for your style personality and body shape and scarf tying tips.

Cost £150