Wardrobe Weeding

Do you have  a wardrobe full of clothes but have nothing to wear?

Does your wadrobe contain unworn clothing, clothes kindly bought for you by family and friends which are not your colour or style and clothes from a bygone age when you were younger or  slimmer?

Then you need some help.

Book in for a wardrobe weeding session today.

We will discuss your lifestyle and clothing needs.

I will identify your style personality and  body shape and give you tips on the colours to wear and those to avoid.

We will identify gaps in your wardrobe and I will recommend items needed to make your wardrobe work for you and where to shop for them.

I will show you how to combine some of the items in your wardrobe to put together a new look.

I will follow follow this session up by email the following day summarising what we have discussed.

£95 for 2 hours