Neal's Yard.

A few years ago, I used only Neal's Yard products on myself and in my studio. But for some reason, I began experimenting with cheaper products, maintaining only such stalwarts as the shampoo, aromatherapy oils and some of the cleansing products.

A few weeks ago during one of my voluntary sessions at the Maggie's Centre where I run a colour workshop for patients recovering from cancer, I met a woman who was having treatment for breast cancer. She had lost most of her eyebrows and I was recommending a product I use. But she was adamant that in future she would use only organic products on her body. It reminded me of all the reasons I chose Neal's Yard in the first place. All their products are as natural as they can be, as organic as they can be, and contain wonderful rejuvenating properties. That is when I knew I just had to return to using their products entirely.

So I became a consultant. The first thing I bought for myself was the soto diffuser into which I put geranium. The smell is divine and the steam from the diffuser keeps my skin moisturised. The magical thing about it too is the way it changes colour every few seconds. As well as using it when I watch t.v. I shall put it into my studio when clients come for colour or style consultations. I think they will be very impressed with it.

I no longer use the eyebrow product I mentioned earlier as I have had the ombre treatment courtesy of Ramie, who is an artist.  You can find out about her on extensionsmanchester . Pictures of her work are shown on instagram@studio_by_ramie.

I am thrilled with mine which can last from twelve to eighteen months.(3 years on, my eyebrows are still great 4 years on).

I have since discovered Raindrops & Roses products which are handmade in the Lake District using 100% natural products. They are quite rich which is wonderful for dry skin.