Colour Analysis

Never Underestimate the power of colour.

When you wear a colour next to your face that harmonises with your hair, your eyes and your skin tone, you will look in the mirror and know you look good. Gone is the sallow skin and tired old face and in its place a fresh bloom to the cheeks, a lessening of shadows and a twinkle in Cathy Jones and daughterthe eye. Prepare to be amazed at the powerful impact different colours can have on your face and ultimately, your mood.

When you have a colour analysis you will find out what your dominant colouring is and why certain shades complement your natural colouring more than others. You will find out all the colours that suit you best and how to mix these with items in your wardrobe to make it more versatile.

Now is the time to create a good first impression all the time and to know that ‘mistakes’ no longer hang in your wardrobe. Prepare to be excited about how you look. You will also discover the makeup colours that suit your colouring. All the costly trial and errors with lipsticks, foundations and eye shadows will come to an end.

Enjoy being pampered with a full make-over during your visit.

Full colour consultation -  £150.00. Duration approx. 75 mins. Includes a wallet with 42 fabric swatches and makeup. 

Abridged colour consultation (2-4 people with minimum makeup) - £120 each.  Includes a wallet with 36 fabric swatches.

If you would like a taste of both colour and style, you can have an abridged version of each for £240. This includes a wallet with 36 fabric swtches and a book.